Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Memoir Meme

Hi Everybuddy -

My good friend Marley tagged me to play a new game - the Memoir Meme. This is a real fun one so I couldn't wait to get started! Here's how it works:

*Write your own six word memoir.

*Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like.

*Link to the person that tagged you in your post, and to the original post if possible so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere.

*Tag at least five more blogs with links.

*Don’t forget to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.

*Have fun!!

Without further delay - here we go:

1. Cute - Mom's a bit biased but she couldn't help but post one of her most favorite pictures:

2. Power Sleeper - I take my naptime very seriously. It's a sport and I'm a pro :

3. Sense of humor - It takes a lot to get me riled. I tend to laugh at just about everything:

4. Dapper - There are fleeting moments when I actually sit still long enough to allow Dad to take a picture of me without my fur being ruffled or other dog's drool embedded in my coat:

5. Caring - I'm always very concerned about my pack mates and will always be by their side comforing them if they need it:

6. Playful - I'm always up for a brisk romp! But look out - I like to play hard!

Wasn't that fun?! Now I need to tag 5 of my friends so they can do their own Memoir Meme. I would like to tag:

Thor, Steve, Ari, Cosmos, and Maya Marie. Have fun!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Oh Ekhho!

I was going to tag WOO but The Rasta Boy beat me to it -

I was going to tag Steve - as part of my post - let's tag team him - Rasta Boy said he'd take K(h)at -

Good work for not a lotta khoffee in your human assistant!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Thanks for tagging me, Echo! Kat thinks you look awfully cute in your "dapper" photo.


Marley said...

My Mom is still "ooo"ing and "ahh"ing over that first picture. HOW ADORABLE!

Thanks for playing, buddy!


Tasha & Eva said...

Very nice Memoir Meme, Echo! You look fabulous in all those pictures. Very fitting shots to go with your six words! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

The Army of Four said...

Amber LOVES your 'sense of humor' picture! Me? I'm partial to 'playful'! Ha roooooo!
Great job, Echo!
Play bows,

Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

Echo! good job & it reminded mommy we got tagged too so guess we need to get to work

Oh yeah, even though you look great in all your pics mommy woo'd over your furst one. We looked at her like what the~ you don't Woo over our pics but ya know we agree it's toooo cute

Love Licks & waggin TX tails barking loud today

The Husky in the Window said...

This looks like fun and I have to say that "dapper" picture is very handsome. We'll post our next.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Jan's Funny Farm said...

What a neat meme. You are such a concerned brother.

The cats are having a surprise birthday party for the human of the house. All kitties and doggies are invited. The food is delicious and there is plenty of it. Pass along the word and stop by.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Echo!
You did it great! And you have the pictures to prove your words!
Kisses and hugs

Amici said...

You look awfully cute in your laughter pic. What a great smile!

One of the pack said...

Great photos, Echo. They are all pretty awesome. We can see why your Mom chose them. Journey likes your sleeping pose. He is a power napper too.


Kathryn and Ari said...

Wow--you and your mom are quite an artistic pair: she's a great photographer and you are a first-rate posing model. That's great!

We're working on our meme and will try to get it up by the end of the weekend. Thanks for thinking of us!

Tasha & Eva said...

Thanks for stopping by to wish Tasha well. We've still got our paws crossed for good news.


Bama said...

What a grrrreat post, and awesome pics! Happy Mothers Day to your wonderful mom, too.
Bama & the RHP