Friday, January 30, 2009

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Hi Everybuddy -

We hope all our buddies are enjoying the teaspoon of snow we were bestowed with a couple days ago. Unfortunately it rained alot afterwards which really tends to spoil our fun. We're trying to remain optimistic that one of these days we'll get some real snow. Mom still stands by the theory that we'll need to move North in order to experience that. We're thinking she just might be right. In the meantime, we've been spending some time observing the world around us. Here I am hard at work observing:

The rainy weather has offered us an opportunity to study that subject in a bit more detail than we typically do. Recently a couple very amusing recalls ended up in Mom's email box. (I've been helping her out with her email because she's been busy doing weird things like stress over paint colors for the kitchen). I should note that we've always questioned the intelligence and common sense of mankind but these two recent recalls just seems to drive that point home a little bit further. First there's the recalled home improvement book. Here it is. It doesn't look too threatening:

Why was it recalled you might ask? Despite the fact that the main topic of discussion in the book was how to safely wire your home, it was recalled for........ready for this........incorrect wiring information. Need I elaborate any further on that one??!

Now let's take a look at the next one. Ice Boots. Apparently the humans invented a boot which allows them to walk safely on ice. The point of course would be - to keep them safe.

Unfortunately these boots were recalled this week. Why? Because there's a risk of falling. ::gasp:: Of course! Why didn't I think of that??!!

All of this information left me wondering.....what does the future hold for these humans? It would seem to me they're their own worst enemies sometimes. It's so much easier to be a Sibe!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Land Of The Giants?

Hi Everybuddy -

There's something strange going on around town. After giving it some thought and studying the photographic evidence I have come to the conclusion that the giant that hangs around the AO4's Headquarters has decided to visit us here in PA. What do you make of this? :

I don't know about you but I think that looks like a giant igloo! Here's a closer look :

Not too far away from this mysterious igloo we found this :

It's a giant paint can! And if that's not perplexing enough, take a look at THIS :

I know what you're thinking ............ this might not be a bad thing. Can you just imagine the bar-b-que we......okay - nevermind. I won't say it. I was just thinking. Look real close. Can you see the giant container of ice cream??! We just love ice cream! This cow really has our attention now!
Do you suppose there's a giant eskimo lurking around who is planning on doing some interior decorating? I'm thinking I might offer my assistance because it appears as thought there might be a party afterwards....burgers and ice cream.....mmmmm!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Official Siberian Cabinet

Hi Everybuddy -

It has been a very busy week for our country! In the spirit of our Presidential changes I decided I should appoint my own cabinet - an Official Siberian Cabinet. Without further ado I present to you some of my blogger buddies:

Secretary of Education - Stormy:

My pal Stormy of the AO4 has conducted several educational training sessions over the past year. She has successfully trained many of us on the proper photographic protocol where our humans are concerned. This made her an easy choice for the position of Secretary of Education.

Directors of Central Intelligence - Steve & Kat:

My pals Steve & Kat regularly patrol their yard looking for squirrels and other intruders. Kat's agility training will be a great asset to the position.

Secretary of the Treasury - Maverick the Pirate:

Well let's face it......Pirate/Treasure - it just goes together. His experience will be most beneficial to this position.

Attorney General - Meeshka:

Meeshka's legal advice has been utilized by many of us so we're sure her skills would be beneficial for this important position.

Secretaries of Homeland Security - The A04:

This was a no brainer! Their military precision made them the perfect pick for this very important position.

Secretaries of Commerce - Sitka & Cornelia Marie:

Who better than two sweet Southern Belles to oversee our nation's commerce?

Secretary of Health & Human Services - Holly & Khady Lynn:

Who could say no to Holly? She and her understudy (Khady Lynn) are ready and able to squish anyone who isn't interested in staying healthy!

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development - Khyra:

Our good friend Khyra (aka MFT) is the perfect pick for this job. Her Walking Wednesday segments have provided her with a solid understanding of the urban way of life.

Secretaries of State - The OP Pack:

This stealthy group is always on the lookout for any threat to our country. Who better to oversee this important position?

Secretaries of Veteran Affairs - The Kapp Pack:

Our buddies Skye, Canyon, and Meadow are the perfect blend of personalities to handle the important task of making sure our nation's veterans are taken care of.

Secretaries of Energy - Shyla & Meeka:

Clearly this pair are pros at energy conservation. What better team for this job?

Secretary of the Interior - Shadow:

Shadow's area of expertise is most certainly the interior. I can't think of a better pick for this job.

Secretary of Defense - Summit:

Ummmm - can you think of anybuddy who would defend our nation better than this big fella?

This concludes my selections. Except for me of course. I'm still thinking about that one. In the meantime now that I've gotten these important appointments out of the way I can get caught up on visiting everyone's blogs.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Snow

Hi Everybuddy -

I decided I'd dedicate today's post to snow. Amazingly, the snow gods took pity on us this morning and did bless us with a slight dusting. Just enough to keep the memory sharp in our minds. That's a good thing because it was fading fast here in our house. We've had plenty of frigidly cold temperatures but no snow. I personally think that should be illegal. Here's some photos of us enjoying our ever so slight serving of snow this morning. Here's Shyla pulling on my leg. Mom loves the expression on my face:

Here's Shyla making a general announcement to the neighborhood that everyone should come out an enjoy the ever elusive white stuff before it disappears:

Here's Meeka doing what Meeka does best:

And here's Shyla and I enjoying one of our most favorite treats - lawnmower snow:

And here we are back at it again:

We really do appreciate any snow that we get but it would be nice to have more than an inch that is measurable only by piling it up on one spot. So in an effort to give us all our snow fix until we do get that wonderful snowstorm I will provide you with a way to make your own snow! Enjoy.

Need a Snow Day?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Hi Everybuddy -

We hear people comment quite frequently on how keen a dog's sense of smell is. This is true. But sometimes we hear things that may be ignored by a human's ears. Take this morning for instance. We were leisurely lounging outside, commenting on how nice it would be to have some snow when all of a sudden Shyla noticed something:

She decided to move in for a closer look - or listen as the case may be:

Cautiously she proceeded to move closer:

This had me amused. I decided I needed to check it out:

"Oh yeah - I hear that!"

What we didn't know was that many miles away, our Delaware buddies were busy too! Take a look:

Looks like we might have some company soon! Woo! Keep digging guys!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lego Me

Hi Everybuddy -

Today I spent some time surfing with Mom. I've been pretty bored. We had our hopes up for a snowstorm here in PA and unfortunately it seems to be fizzling out. We're very disappointed so Mom let me help her surf to pass the time. We discovered something that was published in the 2008 Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog. For those of you who aren't familar with Neiman Marcus, it's a very exclusive store and their annual Christmas Catalog is enjoyed by many merely for it's entertainment value. They offer things like custom made vehicles, an equestrian farm completely stocked with a stable of thoroughbreds (it's a good thing our girl didn't see that one!), and other items that most of us "normal folks" wouldn't be putting on wish lists. Something intrigued us. For a mere $60,000 one could commission a very talented artist to custom build a life sized Lego sculpture. Take a look:

Pretty cool huh? I think some of you know where I'm going with this! The artist - Nathan Sawaya - has also created other things with Legos. I wonder what Santa would think if he found this on one of his stops:

Huffle, this reminded me of you.....Woo! :

Then there's this coloful looking fellow:

Nathan Sawaya can be found in his New York studio creating some very unique works of art constructed completely out of Lego building bricks. His art has captured the attention of many and he currently has a tour which has appeared in many North American museums. Who knew that disorganized box of plastic squares had so much potential? This got me thinking..........this one should do:

Now all I need is a check for $60,000. Wait until Mom sees what it's for!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Santa's Surprise

Hi Everybuddy -

I'd like to share with you a picture of Louey. He'd be the fella covered in white feathers .............

......... not the guy in the red and white suit. Louey is owned by one of our girl's good friends. He lives a very good life - for a goose. Note the festive scarf. He's a very dapper guy! We just love the expression on Santa's face! Ho-Ho-Ho!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

1st Wednesday Of The Month Pose

It's that time again! Shadow is making her Wednesday debut. You go grrrrl!

Monday, January 5, 2009

In With The New

Hi Everybuddy -

Since it's a brand new year, we've decided to try some new things - expand our horizons a bit. We're quite satisfied being the Siberian Huskies that we are but just to keep things interesting we think it would be fun to spend some time seeing the world from another perspective. I thought this critter was pretty amusing:

That's a Giant Anteater. Woo! I see some similarities don't you? Look at that fluffy tail......look familar? He's got big swappers - just like me. I chose him because I thought it would be pretty nifty to have a snooter like his to suck up all the crumbs around here. He's got a long tongue that comes out and slurps up ants and other insects. That works for me and Meeka's been known to enjoy the occasional earthworm that he finds outside underneath the doormat. We could put ours to good use slurping up cookies, and pieces of kibble that escaped from the container - useful things like that. So I bring you the Siberian version of the Giant Anteater:

"I'll be sitting this one out" ::sigh::

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Sky Is Falling - We Hope

Hi Everybuddy -

We've been busy this morning. It all began when I saw Meeka outside:

What do you suppose he's doing? I watched for awhile then decided he needed help:

"Meeka - what are we looking for?"

He needed a break so he explained. Apparently there are some very odd customs in our country for New Year's Eve celebrations. I'm sure you've all heard about the giant glass ball that drops in Times Square, New York. Evidently that's not the only thing that gets dropped. In Key West, Florida they drop a Pirate! Woo! I'm going to have to warn my buddy Maverick the Pirate to avoid that city on New Year's Eve! We don't want him to get dropped from the sky. In Bethlehem, Pennsylvania they drop a 25 pound Peep. Peeps are those wonderful marshmallow things that appear around Easter. Apparently the Bethlehem Peep is made out of fiberglass and not marshmallow though. In Ohio they drop a 600 fish and an 18 pound THAT is one I'd like to see! In North Carolina they drop a 3 foot glowing pickle. We know that's the truth because our Grandmom verified it. They also drop a 1,250 pound acorn. We should let our good friend Khyra know about that. Maybe she can get rid of the pesky squirrels that have invaded her yard. But the one that really caught our attention was Wisconsin. Those folks drop a giant hunk of cheese! That's right - cheeeeese! According to our calculations taking into consideration wind speed and the rotation of our planet, Meeka thinks we should see it pretty soon. Come on over - we'll share!