Monday, March 30, 2009

The Squirrels Have Landed!

Hi Everybuddy -

They're heeeere! I knew they were coming but I'm finding this season's gathering slightly disturbing. These squirrels are not to be confused with the Squirrel (with a big "S") that our sweet Khyra encountered this past weekend. After some intense surveillance this past weekend take a look at these highly sensitive surveillance photos:

Apparently they've brought the older/wiser generation along too. I'm thinking it's all a strategy for their advanced operations training:

Here we have a shot from Squirrel Boot Camp:

This next one is quite disturbing. Look if you dare! It clearly shows we really need to start preparing:

I don't know what was in their acorn stash over the past winter but this is alarming! Meeka has a few words to share regarding the possible invasion:


If you ask me I think there's just one solution:

Fellow blogger buddies - we must prepare! Woo!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

Hi Everybuddy -

We're quite proud of ourselves. A long time ago Mom commented that we had the uncanny ability to encourage Siberianlike behavior in every living thing around us. She might be right! Look who's blowing his coat:

Although it's not nearly as impressive as our coat blowing skills Mom says this week will require much more barn sweeping. That's her job.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bones Aplenty!

Hi Everybuddy -

Did you know we have a star among us? Yep - we sure do! I am very proud to announce that I know a real author! Many of you may already know Ari and her blog - Out With Ari. Ari has written a book about her explorations with a little help from her Mom, Kathryn of course. It can now be found on your local bookstore's shelf as well as purchased online.

We'd like to congratulate both of them on this impressive accomplishment. You can read about it by clicking here. We've placed a link to the book on our sidebar. If you're looking for a great read, please get your Mom's plastic card and buy a copy!

Now, I'd like to know....who doesn't like bones? I know Shadow loves bones:

I certainly enjoy a good bone:

This weekend I learned of an astounding opportunity for all of us blogger pups. On Saturday a very unique auction was held. The I.M. Chait Gallery was trying to unload a 9 foot dinosaur skeleton. You heard me right! Are you thinking what I'm thinking? This could mean an endless supply of bones! Take a look at the big fella:

Unfortunately for them, the highest bid of $220,000 fell short of the required minimum bid they were hoping for. That means the 150 million year old bag of bones is still available! Are you thinking what I'm thinking?? Apparently they intended to ship the big guy in his constructed glory. I suspect if we saved them the trouble and told them they can just toss the bones in a box we might be able to strike up an attractive deal. Anyone interested? Incidentally, a 7 foot tall baby Woolly Mammoth also went on the auction block and sold for a mere $45,000. What a bargain! It was proudly purchased by a private collector who will be placing it in the lobby of his Los Angeles office. I wonder if it sheds.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

For The Big Day ........ Getting Ready...Hmmm?

Hi Everybuddy -

Wondering just what the big day is, are you, hmm? Quickly approaching, Yoda Speak day is! Until May 22nd to become fluent in Yoda Speak, have we. Of the most fascinating creatures in the Star Wars sagas of course you all know and love the cute little green guy who's one. Of the cute little guy (kind of like me) Yoda put a slight spin on the English language and in honor, of Yoda Speak we make our blog posts in on May 22nd I propose, we study the art. Hmmmmmm?

Translation: Are you wondering just what the big day is? Yoda Speak Day is quickly approaching! We have until May 22nd to become fluent in Yoda Speak. Of course you all know and love the cute little green guy who's one of the most fascinating creatures in the Star Wars sagas. Yoda put a slight spin on the English language and in honor of the cute little guy (kind of like me), I propose we study the art of Yoda Speak and make our blog posts in Yoda Speak on May 22nd.

I'll bet I kind of had you wondering for a minute there! Since I'm a cute little guy myself I feel compelled to honor one of my heroes - Yoda. Please join me in making your post in Yoda Speak on Yoda Speak Day - May 22nd. You can watch the countdown gadget on my blog to see how long you have to brush up on your Yoda Speak skills.

To my buddy Maverick The Pirate, you'll find Yoda quite amusing as well. Look:

Yoda has something to offer everyone. From his endless wisdom and charming sense of humor how can you not love him? Besides, you have to admit - endless wisdom and charming sense of humor does sort of remind you of me doesn't it?

"Learn Yoda Speak - I will!"

Monday, March 16, 2009

Donut Destruction

Hi Everybuddy -

As you all know our Shadow is stuck wearing a horrible inflatable donut around her neck. The good news is that her nightmare should be over within the next few days and she'll be set free from the giant donut. In the meantime she's stuck with it. In a show of support for her plight I valiantly offered to devour almost an entire box of donuts. Take THAT donuts!!!

"Woo! Be careful!"

"It's a tough job but somebuddy had to do it!!"

No amount of danger is too great for our Shadow's honor! I urge my blogger friends everywhere to show your support......eradicate donuts everywhere!

**We would like to thank our girl for making this donut destruction possible. Thank woo for leaving the box where I could reach it. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Note To Self..... not pull out your stitches. Plan B isn't very fun.

"Yes you morons - it's really me!"

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hi Everybuddy -

Today was not one of my most favorite days. It all started when Shadow - who's recovering from surgery and has amazingly figured out a way to lick her stitches despite the fact that it's in a spot that made that task very challenging - needed to wear the dreaded tshirt. Mom figured an E-Collar would totally freak her out so she decided to try a tshirt instead. Shadow wasn't too sure this was a good idea:

"Does this make me look fat?"

Then it happened. Dad got the bright idea that I needed to wear a shirt too. I heard him digging in the bag trying to choose the perfect one. Oh yes - I heard his snickering and his plotting. I did what any good Siberian would do. I went upstairs. I figured he forgot about it so I decided to take my chances and go back downstairs. BAD idea!

"It's PINK - what are you thinkin?"

"Hurry up. Take the stupid pictures."

"Hey big guy - I think that's enough don't you?"

"Time's up pal!"

"You've got to be kidding me."

"Hey - dude - do you like your slippers?"

"Oh you have SO had it!"

So there you have it. The terror has ended and I broke free from the humiliation. It's okay though. Revenge is sweet.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Icing & Shadow

Hi Everybuddy -

I am pleased to report that Shadow is back home where she belongs and is recovering nicely. She is now less lumpy than she was and I think I heard her bragging about her new girlish figure! Amazing what a day at the spa can do for a grrrrl. She's a bit sore today but still manages to climb into her throne and bask in sun.

I wanted to share a lovely work of art Jack Frost left outside for us to admire. I had to send Mom out fast because it's dripping in the sunshine as we speak. Enjoy:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We're Breakfastless

Hi Everybuddy -

Today has not started out well. Something is not quite right. See for yourself:

"Hey - where's our breakfast?"

"Ummm...what's missing from this picture?"

"Did somebuddy eat my breakfast?!"

"Did you forget something Dad?"

Ummm.....excuse me but......where's our breakfast??? This is a travesty! It just cannot be! Meeka discovered empty water dishes too! He protested and dragged the entire wooden thing that holds our water bowls out from where it belonged and then tipped it over. Can you believe Dad came along and just put it back - without filling it?? What's going on? We're Siberian Huskies and we need breakfast! Our strength is fading:

Finally Mom reminded us. Today's Shadow's Spa appointment. Well - sort of. She's having some lipomas removed and Mom told her she's having liposuction and a pedicure at the spa (she's getting her nails clipped when she's under anesthesia since she fusses so much when she's awake). She couldn't eat breakfast and Mom didn't want to torture her by making her watch us eat. She made sure Shadow had an extra bedtime snack last night though. The limo left to transport her to the spa so Mom finally fed us. We'll be thinking of our Shadow and will see her later today. I guess this means we have to be extra nice to her.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Snow is definitely WET!