Monday, September 29, 2008


Hi Everybuddy -

We found something very cool and thought we'd share it with you. Just wait until you see! But beware - this is what happened when one Siberian-who-shall-remain-nameless watched the video (Please note - it WAS NOT me!) :

There's a very cool guy named Mark Gervais who created these clever "decorations" in honor of Halloween. It seems that each year many within neighborhoods go to great lengths to outdo themselves. This could top it for you this year. Take a look:

Here's another version he created:

This is all cleverly displayed through a front window of your house. You can read all about the Hallowindow on Mark's very spooky website. Go there if you dare! Now - maybe I can get Meeka out from under the bed.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Misc. Musings

Hi Everybuddy -

Since I don't have alot of one thing to Woo about today, I'll just Woo about a little of a few things instead.

My post about Rocky the Robotic Squirrel seemed to generate alot of interest. Some of my buddies expressed a keen interest in chasing him.......for sport of course. Nothing more. As a Siberian with a very high prey drive I think that would be a wonderful idea. No squirrels would be hurt and all the squirrel lovers of the world will appreciate that. Good thinking guys! That being said, I did run across this photo from my undercover Siberian friends. I think it's an indication that we ALL need to be VERY careful when it comes to these very crafty critters! Take a look at this:

Apparently the squirrels have united and are working on their defensive tactics. So - be careful out there guys!

On a brighter (and much cooler) note - it's Fall!! Woo all know what that means. We're that much closer to WINTER and SNOW! By now you've probably noticed my winter countdown gadget at the top of my blog. We're getting closer! We just love these cooler days although we're getting rather tired of the rain. Shyla has her day planned out already. Take a look at what's on her agenda:

"Don't bother me - I'm busy"

Last but not least, I'd like to remind everyone that at the bottom of my blog there's a guest book. Lately we've made some new friends and would love it if they would please put their paws on it. Thank Woo very much!

I need to rest up now. I have to save my energy for later. I heard Mom has some baking to do for a picnic at the stinky horse club tomorrow. Maybe she'll drop something! Woo!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Robotic Me

Hi Everybuddy -

Did you know that there are robots among us? That's right! Creepy huh? I could actually be a robot - Shadow could be a robot - Meeka or Shyla could be robots. Think about it! Let's move back a few steps. You may be wondering what has perpetuated all of these robotic thoughts. I heard about a little fuzzy guy named Rocky.

Rocky is a robotic squirrel. He was developed as an important part of a project to study squirrel behavior. Now, I'm not quite certain why anyone would be interested or even need to know more about how squirrels behave. All they needed to do is talk to some of my Siberian buddies. Some of us consider ourselves to be experts in the squirrel department and we certainly never needed the assistance of a robotic squirrel. That being said, this whole robot theory got me thinking. Apparently there are many robotic critters throughout the land who work hard to teach researchers more about their counterpart's natural living habits. Who knew?! Now this brought to mind an entirely different pondering. Could I possibly be living with robots?? I think we need to take a closer look. Here's Shadow. Does she look robotish to you? :

Or how about Shyla:

And then there's Meeka:

I really don't think they're imposters. I think they're who they claim to be. But at this point I'm thinking the world could benefit from a robotic ME! Think of the possibilities - my robotic self could be very instrumental in - ummmm - errrrr - well - I'm sure there's many things. For now I'll need to choose some pictures for a prototype. I think this one might do just fine. Stay tuned for more on this exciting new prospect. One of me might be coming to your town real soon!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Chauffeur & Some Awards

Hi Everybuddy -

Do you remember my buddy Moose?

I'm so pleased to report that he's settled in so well with his new Mom and Dad. They've gotten to know each other very well and they really do love him. Moose is very cool. Mom says he is "high spirited" - like me. I have no idea what she means by that but it sounds like a compliment. Although Moose is not a Siberian Husky - a working dog - he has many similar traits. Mom thinks he might have some in there somewhere which could account for some of his amusing antics. We have found a great job for the handsome lad. He is now my chauffeur! That's right, he's now an official "working dog" - I can now be driven just about anywhere. Take a look:

Isn't that great?! His very kind Mom has even provided us with a GPS device so we won't get lost. That's a whole lot easier than finding one of these to ride along:

We would have gladly invited one to join our adventures but none of us knew where to find one. If you know of any that would be interested, please let me know. So if anyone is up for a road trip just let me know! We're ready to roll!

On another note - I'd like to thank my good buddies of The Thundering Herd. They've presented me with this wonderful award:

Thank woo very much guys! Here's the rules:

The rules of the award are:
1. The winner can put the logo on his or her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 (we shared it with 4 in order to leave sharing options open for other good blogging friends) other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you have nominated.

Without further delay I'd like to share this award with:

The OP Pack at The Chronicle of Woos

MFT - Khyra

Sitka, Tia, & Cornelia Marie


I am also proud to announce another great award that we received from the OP Pack. Thanks guys! This one is to be shared with anyone who hasn't already received it that visits my blog. Display it proudly!

Now back to our road trip possibilities. Here's Moose waiting patiently for his next driving assignment. We will now be taking reservations!

"How far to Alaska????"

Friday, September 12, 2008

Kibble Counting

Hi Everybuddy -

A couple months ago we talked about a great website called which was launched after a very generous and enterprising 12 year old girl named Mimi decided she wanted to do something to help feed the staggering number of dogs and cats in shelters across our country. Recognizing that these shelters were on such limited budgets she took her plea to the public. It was a very simple concept. All anyone had to do was click on the link shown on her website and 10 pieces of kibble were to be donated by various manufacturers to shelters for dogs and cats. As a result she has singlehandedly changed the availability of food for homeless pets.

The numbers speak for themselves. When her site initially launched she began generating numerous hits and was quite pleased with herself. In April of this year 170,850 pieces of kibble were donated. By May word started to get out and her number increased to 188,160. In July her concept hit MSNBC and CNN. By the end of July her number increased to 9,462,720! She was a HIT! Needless to say, Mimi from Oregon is ecstatic. I am so pleased to present to you the latest statisticstics from Mimi's website. The numbers have increased to the point that they're now listing them by DAY! Take a look:

September 11, 2008 202,830

September 10, 2008 204,990

September 9, 2008 206,340

September 8, 2008 203,040

September 7, 2008 149,140

September 6, 2008 146,500

September 5, 2008 192,460

September 4, 2008 199,470

September 3, 2008 197,560

September 2, 2008 196,250

To date a total of 28,259,810 pieces of kibble have been donated since April 1, 2008. We are so proud of Mimi. It gives us hope that there are still many people that care about the pets that are in need and the future holds promise. Please visit Mimi's website each day. Click on the badge found on her home page and play a fun bow wow trivia game and at the same time guarantee that another 10 pieces of kibble are donated for the day on behalf of you and your pets. You can download your own banner to donate dog or cat kibble to place on your blog or website here. Please help Mimi to continue her project. You can find a badge on the right sidebar of my blog, or - download your very own. Now, I've got some counting to do!

"1, 2, 3, 4.......Woo!"

Monday, September 8, 2008

It's a Shadow Day!

It's Shadow's big day! Our pretty girl was adopted from our local SPCA 8 years ago today. Sadly, the people that turned her in never bothered to give very much information so we had to guess at her age. Our vet thinks she's around 10 years old now but nobuddy told her that. She's still very active and spry and manages to tolerate our rough and tumble Siberian antics. Today we celebrate her happy, loving soul and enjoy her very unique personality. Happy Gotcha/Birthday Shadow! We hope you have many, many more!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Cause For Concern?

Hi Everybuddy -

I'm a little worried. Dad took a quiz this morning and the results were less than comforting. I'm wondering if he's qualified to be the leader of the pack. Here's what it revealed:

Dad's ideal pet - a guinea pig
Dad's ideal car - a Checkered Cab
Dad's ideal job - a crook (!!!!)
Dad's afterlife will be spent as - a mouse

I was curious so I took the quiz. Here's MY results:

My ideal car: Mercedes E320 Limo
My ideal job: a lumberjack
Historical figure I am similar to: Christoper Columbus
My afterlife will be spent as - an oil sheik
The band I should be in - Snow Patrol (how appropriate is THAT??!)

Alrighty then! Clearly you can see who has the most potential here! Dad's a bit humbled. You can take the quiz here.