Friday, August 29, 2008

Somebuddy's Gotcha Day

Hi Everybuddy -

This morning started out with the discovery of an interesting new collar that ended up in our house. It's like nothing I've ever seen. Take a look:

I thought maybe Mom was taking another stab at getting a halter for me. She seems to think she can make me stop pulling when we go for walks. Silly her. So, I decided to help out and try it on for size:

"Something's amiss Mom"

I was about to chalk it up to another gadget Mom found in the store when I heard it. A new pack member! Woo! What?? It's a boy?

Yep - it sure is! Meet Logan, our girl's new horse:

Logan is a 10 year young Quarter Horse gelding - he's trained English and jumps, and he also knows Western. Our girl has unveiled his new show name - "Dad-Said-Yes". Welcome to the pack Logan!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Friday On Thursday

Hi Everybuddy -

Many have asked me just exactly what I am finding so interesting on the other side of our fence. Here I am back at it again this morning:

"There has to be a way over there!"

"Echo - give it a rest!"

I won't keep you all in suspense any longer. Meet Friday:

Friday is staying with her grandparents while her Dad gets settled into his new home. Mom went over to let her cousin Maverick (not to be confused with our blogger buddy Pirate Maverick) outside while his parents were away on a day trip and found Friday lounging underneath the table. She figured this would be the perfect opportunity to let everyone see what has captured my attention for the past week. Mom said Friday is leaving tomorrow so I can't gawk at her anymore. She doesn't think my intentions are very honorable - whatever that means. So there you have it. The answer to what all of your inquiring minds have wanted to know!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Is The Grass Always Greener......

....on the other side of the fence???

What could Echo be looking at? He's been out there all day long! Even Meeka gave up:

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mysteries Of The Deep

Hi Everybuddy -

Today I'd like to introduce some of my pals to you - meet Lucy, Calvin, and Kosmos. They have a cool pool in their backyard. As you'll recall from some of my previous posts, I'm not much of a water guy. Although I do find it amusing when Shadow walks a bit too close to our little pool that Mom sometimes puts outside in an effort to make her feel as though she's doing something to keep us cooler when it's a bazillion degrees outside. Sometimes I walk too close to Shadow and accidentally push her into the pool. That's always good for some new entertainment. But the pool I'm about to show you is WAY more fun than ours! Their Mom forgot to post a "No Critter Crossing" sign near their pool so they find all sorts of interesting things in there. Every morning they race out to see what wayward critter may have taken a wrong turn overnight. Take a look:

"Do you see it??"

"Lemme get a better look"

"Do you think Mom will let us bring it inside?"

Unfortunately for them, their Mom's fishing/critter catching skills were much more polished than theirs were. Better luck next time guys!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pirates and a Cottontailed Messenger

Hi Everybuddy -

Before my family left on their vacation - you know - the one that I stayed in jail for, my buddy Maverick asked if they could watch for Pirates. Imagine Mom's surprise when early one morning she saw this outside:

She would probably fall under the the landlubber category and certainly isn't what we would consider sea worthy, but she recognized this to be a ship and she felt since it was a mysterious dark gray color and not a bright, cheerful color, it must be a pirate ship! Woo! She decided to keep her distance but a little later that day she knew for sure that the Pirates had landed. Take a look:

He said to say "Harrrrr!" to Maverick and thinks he's the perfect Siberian Pirate. We liked his purple coat.

Moving right along, we'd like share with you our little visitor. Mom felt we were a bit too interested in the front porch yesterday afternoon so she took a look. Woo! We have comapany:

Mom thinks he's awfully cute and he didn't seem very concerned about our snooters working overtime on the other side of the door. We got to thinking - could this be a messenger sent from the AO4's Oswald? Before we had a chance to ask, he hopped away.

"I think he may have hopped through here!"

"Wait! Is that him??"

"He got away Mom!"

We'll just have to keep a sharp eye out for the fuzzy little guy. He could be a spy - you never know! I may have to have a constulation with my buddies at the AO4 so that I can be briefed on his habits and possible strategy. I might have to give my buddies Calvin and Kosmos a call. They're in charge of bunny control at their house. I'm sure they could help us out. Woo!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Not MY Vacation - Continued

Hi Everybuddy - Despite the fact that I spent vacation in jail, I will share with you a short video of my cousin - Murphy. You might remember that I introduced you to him in January. He's a cute little fella but quite clearly not a Siberian. Can you see why?

Other than the fact that he doesn't have a coat that sheds profusely, no poofy, curled tail (which can best be seen here, attached to my friend Khyra), and no "woos", one of the most obvious non-Siberian traits - is the fact that he retrieved the ball - and then even dropped it! WOO! Somebuddy needs to let the little guy know this is completely un-necessary. Obviously if I had been there (which I was NOT - remember????), I would have clued him in. Anywoo, he's a delightful guy that came from an all breed rescue in Virginia. Mom and Dad took him some of our most favorite Merrick canned food as well as some delicious Pumpkin/Apple biscuits and at last report he was enjoying all of it.

Stay tuned for my next post which will please my buddy Maverick. He asked if Mom and Dad could look for pirates on their vacation (the one that I didn't go on - remember?).

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mom's Mad!

Apparently Blogger decided to lose almost all of the great comments made to my last post. She didn't want anyone to think WE deleted them. Hopefully they'll reappear sometime today.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Vacation

Hi Everybuddy -

Well - I'm back from vacation. Where did I go you might ask? Here's a clue:

Ruh Roh! That was definately not a good sign - literally. One could argue the fact that it's obviously not a Siberian shown there. Apparently Mom and Dad fell for it and sent us to this resort instead:

Hrrrmph! Can you believe that??!! While we were sent to jail, they went here:

and here:

and here:

....but decided to trade this:

for this:

....because of this:


Hmmm. Maybe we were better off in jail after all. Anywoo - we're back home now and are very busy making Mom feel extremely guilty that she left us behind. The extra attention and treats are almost worth the horrible conditions she forced us to endure. (Shhh! Don't tell her they were real nice to us there!)