Sunday, July 1, 2007

7 Things About Me

My good friend Kelsey Ann from the Kapp Pack tagged me so now it's my turn to reveal 7 interesting facts about myself. Here we go.....

1. I like cake! In case any of you are wondering how I became so interested in cake, I'll tell you. My good friend Lucy who is a bewootiful Malamute who was adopted from MaPaw has a Mom who is an expert cake baker. How lucky can one doggie get?! She even takes special cake decorating classes so you can bet her cakes don't look like my Mom's cakes (sorry Mom.....I do love you but Betty Crocker cake mixes just don't compare!). Anywoo, since Lucy's Mom has to practice alot Lucy and her pack get to have cake for just about every happy occassion. So I got to thinking......I should have cake too. So I ask for cake whenever I hear about something happy.

2. I was featured on an official MaPaw Christmas card. Mom caught me singing a festive rendition of "Joy To The World" one day and I just happend to be sitting in a wrapped box. (No coincidence there!).

3. I used to be afraid of watermelons. Yep, it's true. When I was just a little tyke Mom brought home a big watermelon and sat it on the counter. I didn't like it at all! I growled and carried on for a very long time. Silly me! It doesn't look too threatening now but at the time I was pretty traumatized.

4. I know how to open cereal boxes. My girl taught me this very imporant skill! I can do it quickly and without even having to use my paws which brings me to fact #5.

5. I have very large, fuzzy paws. Mom says I have polar bear paws. See:

6. There is a line of clothing that features my cute mug! Every purchase made at the MaPaw store earns them money to help other dogs in need.

Cool huh?! You can get aprons, mousepads,
bibs, hats, tote bags, and many other great

7. I am sneaky! Mom says that I'm probably one of the only dogs she knows that plots and plans. She says I understand the concept of "cause and effect". I'm not sure I know quite what that means but I guess it's a good thing for Sibe. For instance, when it's cold outside and I see Mom sitting at the kitchen table eating, I'll make sure I come to the back door and "Woo!" so that she has to get up to let me in. I make sure I run through the door real fast so that I can swoop by the table, pop up, and grab whatever she had on her plate while she's busy closing the door. HARROOOO ROO ROO! I also know just how to bug (there's that word again!) Meeka and get him to play with me even when he doesn't really want to. If I pester him and he doesn't budge, I go over and tug Shadow's tail. She gets all angry and growls at me which then results in Meeka getting up to chase me. Works every time!

So let me see now....I need to tag 3 other friends. Hmmm. I'm not sure who has gotten tagged yet so I'll just take a chance. How about Magnum, my bewootiful sister Hope, and my very vocal buddy, Cosmos. TAG! You're it!


Kapp pack said...

Wow, Echo, so nice to learn more about you. I like to pull Kelsey's tail too.


Lee :) said...

Your a lucky pup to get such yummy cakes. That one in the pic is beautiful! Amici isn't famous like you but his pic is on one of his Mom's coffee cups (her sister and brother in law made it for her for Christmas). It is her favorite one to drink out of.

The Husky in the Window said...

Echo you are something else. The thing with coming in while your mom is eating and then getting her food is great. I will have to try that. And you have your own line of clothing. Wow! I'll have to get mom's credit card and order some stuff.

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

Wow, we know a famous pup! Those clothes are so very cool! You are one dynamic puppy.

The Army of Four said...

Wooooooooo, Echo! We love your items at the MaPaw store! Woooooo! And we love you, too!
Hey - really? watermelon?!?! I LOVE watermelon! I got tagged by Kelsey Ann, too - make sure you see my list!

PiratesGrrl said...

It's good to read all about you! I had no idea you were so famous. Wow.


The Daily Echo said...

Canyon - Not everypup appreciates the fine art of tail tugging but I'm glad you are an early learner.

Amici - You're on a coffee mug? That's way cool! Your Mom can see you all morning long!

ManyaMarie - Yep, grab Mom's plastic card! You can choose from many MaPaw dogs, not just moi.

G&S - Aww shucks! I've never been called that before. Thanks!

Dave - And your very cool and talented Mom has some bewootiful things that are available in the MaPaw store too!

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

echo.. it is ok to be scared of weird things. I don't care for shopping carts.