Monday, April 30, 2007

Husky Dishwashing

A husky's work is never done. We're a very busy breed. After all, we're "working dogs"! I have many jobs around the house. One of my favorites is the dishes. I am the official pre-rinse cycle. That's an important job and not just any-Sibe can do it. Take a look at my form:

This of course takes skill. As you can see, I was still a little guy. I'm a quick learner so it didn't take me long to figure it out. For some reason we no longer have this dishwasher. We had to get a new one since the door wasn't closing quite right anymore. I really don't know why. Since I'm a bigger guy now I don't have to stand on the door to get a good view. I just stick my head inside as soon as I hear someone putting the dishes in. Mom said Merlin used to be the pre-rinse cycle until the day the dishwasher drawer (full of dishes) jumped right out of the dishwasher and chased him clear across the kitchen! (Note: collar tags sometimes get snagged on the dish racks) She said it was VERY noisy and dishes flew everywhere. Mom said he resigned from that job after that happened. But now that I'm here I'll take over. I am Merlin's Echo after all.
What jobs do you have around the house?


Holly said...

Awesome pic Echo!!!

My job around the house is hogging the couch and hoarding chewy's. I'm and expert at both!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We are daily shower cleaners. Every day after Mom or Dad gets out of the shower, we go in and lick it dry.

Steve and Kat

MaPaw said...

My job is encouraging Mama and Papa to make my dinner and aerating the yard by scruffing several times per day.