Sunday, April 29, 2007

Girly Girl and Mary Kay

Today I have an exciting announcement to make! But first I'll tell you a little bit about Shyla. She just recently came to live with us and boy oh boy was she skinny! My Mom and Dad went to get her from an overcrowded shelter. The nice people at the shelter called to see if MaPaw could help them out and help find a new home for her. They really liked her there and knew she would make a great addition to someone's family. When my Dad saw her, his heart melted. That was it. She came to live with us and she fits right into to our happy home. Unlike any of us, Shyla is a girly-girl. Just look....she's surrounded by PINK! Guys don't do pink.

She even has long eye lashes! Shyla has what my Mom calls "natural beauty'. Hrrmpph. That sounds like a girly thing too. Speaking of beauty, let me get back to my exciting announcement! There's a very nice person who loves MaPaw and everything they do. She's a Mary Kay consultant and has a website (kinda like me!) where people that need some help with their natural beauty can buy some great products . They'll be able to go to this website to order anything they like. Here's the greatest news.....she's donating 20% of all of the total order to MaPaw so that they can keep helping Jasper and Dawkin, and shipping is FREE, FREE, FREE!!

We think this is totally cool and give her two paws up! THANK WOO!

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Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

I hope Shyla doesn't get called a boy all the time like I do. Even with my PINK collar!


PS. I will pass along the Mary Kay info to my mom. The way she talks, she needs all the help she can get with her natural beauty! I think all she needs is some puppy slobber.