Saturday, April 28, 2007

My Sister Tela

Hi everypup -

Today I'm going to tell you all about my bewootiful sister Tela. I have 4 bewootiful sisters and Tela is the one that looks the most like me. See......

I'm very proud of Tela. She regularly visits a school for visually impaired children ( Without any formal training, she has learned to be very gentle with the children. She gives them lots of hugs and lets them feel her soft fur. Even though she's a husky she makes sure she is on her best behavior when she's there. She doesn't get into any trouble which for members of my family, takes alot of concentration. She even lies calmly down next to the children when it's time to be quiet and listen. Just look at that!

I think Tela deserves a big WOO and two paws up for making these kids so happy!


MaPaw said...

That is so cool of Tela. WOO!

The Army of Four said...

HA rooooo for Tela! She sounds a lot like Dave. He's a hugger. And is calm. Probably because he's really a Labrador wearing a Sibe suit. Ha roo roo roo. I mean ... we're talking about somepup who falls asleep during a vet exam. ???? Not a Sibe. Not really. :)
Tail wags,