Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Anyone who knows me can tell you that I LOVE food! Mom says I'm "food motivated". I'm thinking that's a good thing because it has the word FOOD in it. Whenever anyone is in the kitchen I'm always there to lend a helping paw. Try as I might (and I do tend to turn on the cuteness factor) I hardly ever get handouts. But it's fun trying just the same and those sniffs are worth the effort. I usually sit very patiently waiting for something to accidentally hit the floor. I'm in charge of housekeeping in the kitchen you know.

This is Meeka:

He likes food too. His idea of food and mine are different. I like things like Peanut Butter and Hamburgers. He's about to get into BIG trouble here. He's visiting the gerbil and he's probably thinking about food. Mom says his intentions are less than honorable whatever that means. (Note: no animals were harmed in the process of obtaining this photograph). He likes to peek through the fence at the birdfeeder too. He's a sneaky guy!

Lately, Mom has been very worried about what's in our food. She must be mighty worried because she and our girl are baking our treats from scratch now! Yep! That's the best because that means the Peanut Butter jar comes out and I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER!
She said she is so glad she has the official MaPaw Recipes For Rescue Cookbook. It has pages and pages of recipes for dog treats. How cool is that? This is what it looks like:

It has recipes for people food too, and lots of cool pictures of rescue dogs. But that's not the best part! Every penny that is paid for this way cool book goes to help their rescue dogs. They have some real sick guys right now so they would love to sell more of these cookbooks. It's real easy to get one. Just visit their cool website ( and you'll see it on their front page. Pssst.....Mother's Day is coming up fellow pups! Mom would LOVE one of these! But hurry, they'll be gone soon! Tell em Echo sent you.


The Army of Four said...

Hey Echo -- ooooh, I could sit and stare at that gerbil all day! Ha roooo!
This food thing is getting scary, isn't it? I like peanut butter - maybe I should just get a PBJ a couple times a day?
Amber is typing up today's blog right now. She's mentioning YOU!
Play bows,

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

I love food too, so we must think alike. My sister doesn't like peanut butter and I think she must be crazy. But then again, she's a girl and girls are weird.


Holly said...

FOOD is my FAVORITE! I'm very food motivated too. But, I use to be starving when mom found me, so that sort of explains my food issues.

That cookbook looks like a great idea with all the scary food issues these days. I might have to swipe the plastic and buy one!


The Daily Echo said...

Hey Zim -
MMM! PBJ's are the yummiest! Oh wow! I'll have to check out your cool blog to see what your mom said about me.

Hi there Steve -
Gee...I don't think I've ever met a pup that doesn't like pnut butter. Are you sure she's a real dog?? She's very pretty anyway.

Hi there Holly -
Thanks for stopping by! It must be terrible to not have food to eat. Shyla sure does appreciate the food we give her.