Thursday, April 26, 2007

Husky Play

If there's anything we Sibes love to do, it's playing. Mom says we are extreme players. We really like to play in the backyard but the table with the giant umbrella gets in the way sometimes. Our neighbors say that our backyard reminds them of Jurassic Park when they hear us snarling and the umbrella starts to move around alot.
This is me playing with Shyla. Mom says I have to be careful so that I don't squash her since she's a skinny girl. (We're working hard on fixing that):

Shyla's learning this Siberian Play thing quickly. She didn't really know how to play when she first got here so I had to show her the ropes. Our friend calls her "Princess Runs-Like-Wind" because she chases me all over the place and then nips my ears. She's a funny grrrl!

Now here's some pictures of Meeka and I playing. Some people see this and don't understand it. It's just how we Sibes play. The Lab that lives next door doesn't understand it at all and barks at us when we play:

Mom really likes the picture on the left. That shows how quick we are!

Shadow doesn't like to play with us AT ALL! She just looks at us and shakes her head. Sometimes she gets in the way and we accidentally run her over. She's a smart pup though and has learned ways to stay safe. This is one of her favorites:

I'm so glad I have Meeka and my new sister Shyla to play with. Life is good!


Althea said...

Yo Echo,

It's good to meet a new husky blogger. Stop by and check out my blog sometime.

What a good brother you are to teach your sister how to play. When I came to my furever home I had to teach my doofus brother how to play.

You are right, some people and dogs just don't understand husky play. I get in trouble a lot at the dog park cause I think everydog should play husky style. Some dogs (and their parents) don't really like it so my Dad has to make me stop and sometimes we even have to go home.

The Daily Echo said...

Hi Althea! You look alot like my Shyla. She's pretty just like you. I've added your blog to my Favorite Blog List. Thanks for stopping by!

Marvin The Dog said...

Hi there Echo!

Welcome to Blogging!

Pleased to meet you and your pack!

I reached you via the Army of Four's Bark Out!

love and licks Marvin from Scotland

The Daily Echo said...

Whoa Marvin! You live in Scotland! Maybe when we go to the Scottish/Irish festival with MaPaw this summer I can find a shortcut to your house.

Fu Fu said...

Hi Echo,
You're a cute little doggie. I'm a friend of the Army of 4. So fun that you have siblings to play with too

~ fufu from Sunny Singapore

Holly said...

We like to play like that too, only sometimes I get in trouble because I like to boss everyone around and my humans don't like it. But hey, I'm the biggest, so I SHOULD be in charge, right?!


The Daily Echo said...

Hi FuFu! You're a cute little guy too. I'll hide you from Meeka.

Holly, Meeka likes to be in charge all the time too. I like to tease him alot so I'm always in trouble.