Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Catching Up

Whew! Mom's has some catching up to do with some fun games. We were tagged for the Nickname Game recently. We love that! Awhile back we talked about those humiliating names. Not much has changed since then so I'll share what we posted back then:

Mom was so taken aback with my cuteness that she started to call me "Bug-A-Boo". I know - ridiculous huh? She claims I began to respond to it, especially after she shortened it to "Bug". If only I had paid more attention. So now I'm stuck with it. Bug. How humiliating. Now really. Do I have antennae or wings?
Apparently Mom felt compelled to give the others nicknames as well. It's only fair after all. Meeka - who feels he's the resident Prince, is stuck with a doozy. HAHAHAHAHA! This one was chosen by our girl. Meeka HATES it. Here goes......Meeky-Beeky-Bonker-Boos. I do believe that's worse than mine. Bwwwaahhhh!
Shadow has one too but she claims she likes it. Shadow Missy Muffin Twinkle Toes Prissy Pants. Yikes! So far Shyla seems to be stuck with Princess Pea or Princess Runs-Like-Wind.

Another great one is the Song Game. What is our theme song? Mom agrees that our previous choices definately still apply:

Mine would be "I Gotta Be Me" and "I Did It My Way". I really don't understand the entire thing but I guess I'll go with it.
Meeka ended up with "King Tut". Mom decided that Shadow's theme song should be the instrumental "Flight Of The Bumble Bee" because she's so hyper and never sits still, and Shyla got "My Fair Lady".

Shyla said Mom is looking for the camera again. Something about the Dot and Dash post and my tail. ::sigh::

"Pssst! Mom's gonna take a picture of your tail!"


Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

We love the new blog look and the theme songs - they sound perfect. We are stumped on ours, so we're still thinkin

The Army of Four said...

Echo: I like "Bug"! Our great-sister Lucky was called "Doodlebug" sometimes; I have no idea why. She was REALLY cool, though ... like YOU!
Great songs! You made really good choices!
I can't wait to see your tail!
Play bows,

IndyPindy said...

Hahaha! I have to post about my nicknames, I have so many! Thanks for the birthday wishes!