Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Stupid Nicknames

I don't know how the rest of you feel, but this pup thinks nicknames are DUMB! What is it with humans? They spend days choosing just the right name for us. They lurk on dog name websites, pull out the baby name books they had stashed away in the attic, and research meanings of names. They carefully and painstakinly choose some regal sounding name and announce it to the world with great pride. Then they come up with some ridiculously stupid foo-foo name that they want us to answer to. Geesh! By now you probably want to know what my nickname is. Here's "Bug". How stupid is that??! Mom says it's perfectly justified and explains how in her infinite wisdom, she came up with it. This is me when I came home:

Mom was so taken aback with my cuteness that she started to call me "Bug-A-Boo". I know - ridiculous huh? She claims I began to respond to it, especially after she shortened it to "Bug". If only I had paid more attention. So now I'm stuck with it. Bug. How humiliating. Now really. Do I have antennae or wings?

Apparently Mom felt compelled to give the others nicknames as well. It's only fair after all. Meeka - who feels he's the resident Prince, is stuck with a doozy. HAHAHAHAHA! This one was chosen by our girl. Meeka HATES it. Here goes......Meeky-Beeky-Bonker-Boos. I do believe that's worse than mine. Bwwwaahhhh!

Shadow has one too but she claims she likes it. Shadow Missy Muffin Twinkle Toes Prissy Pants. Yikes! So far Shyla seems to be stuck with Princess Pea or Princess Runs-Like-Wind.

Why do they do this to us? Do any of you have silly nicknames??


The Army of Four said...

Wow. Your mom gives some LONG nicknames. I kinda like "Bug" ... except I don't like BUGS. Well... some are tasty, but as a rule, I like to squash 'em. Ya know. Anyway, I go by the Z-man, Zimmie, ZimZim .... nothing too terribly creative.
Play bows,

Mr. Frodo K. Banks said...

Oh man, do I have the nicknames... Try this one out... First it started with Mini ('cause, yeah, I'm little for a Sibe), then it went to Mini-bits, then Bitty, then Bitty Bear, then Bits, then Boo, then Moo, then Mr. Banks (NO idea where that came from, something about a movie), now, she calls me Fo' Fo'... guess that's better than most... [sigh]. I feel your pain.

Peanut said...

Oh yes I have about a million nicknames but then my real name is Peanut so that isn't that good. Hey I found you through the AO4 army. We joined also. HOOAH

Hope said...

Hey Bug! Try these nicknames on for size.... Hopeless,Hopey poo, Baby girl or worst of all Blondie. I'm not a blonde, but my brother, Ray thinks I'm too pretty to be smart, so when I do something that maybe I should have not done... He calls me a Blonde!

teamhusky said...

Harooooooo to you Echo. We also are two puppers that have been given silly nicknames by our mom. We already had our names when mom got us but she soon started up with the nicknames.

My name is Prince - a very regal name if I may say so myself:) I somehow got the name Princey Poos....I was hoping she would forget but no, it stuck. Princey Poos, how undignified is that? Makes it sound like I'm incontinent or something.

My big sister Summer (who mom got after me) gets called Sum Bum, I think she kinda suits it & she really doesn't seem to mind when mom calls her that.

We often get called Princey & Summy which we think is pretty probs with those names at all.

Mom also says I'm her main man & Summer is her best girl:)

So that's Team Husky's low down on nicknames.

Prince & Summer

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We have some nicknames. Dad calls Steve "Buddy". Mom and Dad both call me "Girlie" all the time. Sometimes Mom calls me "Little Missy".

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Oh, and I forgot to write that you were a VERY CUTE PUPPY!!!


The Daily Echo said...

Zim - Yeah, my Mom seems to be obsessed with the long names. Go figure. Yours aren't too bad.

Frodo - Welcome to my Blog! Mini Bits is pretty embarrasing....HAHAHAHA! I feel your pain. Where do they get this stuff?!

Peanut - Hi there! Peanut's not so bad. Boy could my Mom have fun with that though. Eeek.

Hope - HI SIS! Yep...that's my sister! She's working on her own blog and when it's ready I'll introduce her to all of my new friends. Hopey Poo???!!! BWAAHHHHH! That's a good one!

Prince & Summer - Yikes...Princey Poo. There's that "poo" again!

Hi Kat - Awww....your Mom and Dad aren't so bad at all. You're lucky. Just give em time. Awww shucks....thanks for the compliment.