Thursday, May 17, 2007

Siberian Bling

Hi Everybuddy -
Today I'm going to talk about our lovely collars. My friend Zim made a post all about their collars so I'm sharing pictures of what our bewootiful collars look like. Mom LOVES to find spiffy looking collars for us. She says it's a real challenge since we're such knuckleheads (that's going to be a future post) and destroy stuff that's pretty and not designed for dogs like us. Hmmph....I'm not sure what she means by that.
This is my collar. It has lovely swirls of turquoise and green. Nice huh? :

Here's Meeka's. It's multicolored like his "multi-faceted personality" (GAG!):

This is Shadow's. Mom was real happy when she found this one:

And this is Shyla's. She was a bit tricky Mom said. It's hard to find a girly girl collar that doesn't clash with her redness:
We used to have collar charms. Yep.....Mom just had to buy them for us. Mine said "DUDE" on it. Meeka's was a sparkly crown (since he thinks he's a Prince), and Shadow's says "DIVA". Shyla wasn't living with us then. Wellllllll - my charm broke when Meeka and I were playing. Mom's not quite sure how we managed that one since it's hard metal. And somehow Meeka's crown got bent (I thought that was appropriate) and he lost 2 sparkly thingies. But guess who still has hers? That's right! Shadow. Figures. (rolling eyes). She thinks she's so perfect.
Anyway, that's our Siberian bling.


♥Princess_Shyla♥ said...

Hi Echo! I think that your collar looks snazzy on you! But I like mine the best out of all of them. It says 'Princess Shyla' all over it! Have a bewoooooootiful night!

p.s. I heard that it is supposed to rain on Saturday. Let's hope that it doesnt...ok?


teamhusky said...

Haroo Echo

Pretty cool colours you guys have:)

Can you help me & Sum? We're trying to add extra page elements to our blog & we want to put in website links (MaPaw etc) & have them displaying like yours are with just the website name that you can click on.

Between us Sibes, I think my Mom isn't quite up to this, she's not sure what to do as she's put them in but the website addresses are showing.

Please help as as we want our blog to look as cool as yours does.

Thank woo in advance

The Army of Four said...

COOL collars, Echo! Where did you mom get them!?!? They look great on roo guys!
Ha roo roo roo "Knuckleheads". Ha roo roo roo! That term would work well here - especially for Zim and Dave!
When I was first adopted, my mom got me a 1" fabric covered nylon collar with pansies all over it. PANSIES! So I ate it. Then she bought another one. With PANSIES. I ate that one, too. Then she got me red - my power color. I didn't eat that one. She hasn't tried the pansy thing again.
Tail wags,

The Daily Echo said...

Hey Shyla - I see you're upstairs on our girl's computer again!

Prince - My Mom emailed your secretary to try to help her with the link situation. Hope she didn't confuse her too much!

Hey Storm -
They are spiffy collars aren't they?! Mom found them in local pet supply stores. She's a good shopper!

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Wow, all of you have awesome looking collars!!!! I love them all!

Guinness & Shiloh's Mommy said...

Those collars are the best. And Guinness knows your pain about girlyness. Everyone thinks she's a boy, cuz GSD's just look masculine. So mommy got her one that's pink wiff bubberflies.

Mine is red too, and Jake's is a manly multicolored one. Mommy likes them too cuz if anything happens to them, they are replaced for life, even if we chew them! Ha! bet those pansies weren't!

MaPaw said...

Those collars are great! You have so many nice patterns.

teamhusky said...

Haroo Echo
I've checked with my secretary & she didn't get your email re the website links. Can you please ask your secretary to resend it?
Thank woo Princey