Friday, April 29, 2016

Fast Food Friday

Hello friends!

Shanuk here to introduce a new Friday segment we call Fast Food Friday.  I'm particularly excited about this segment because I happen to be the host!  Mom says it's because of my profound willingness to do just about anything for food.  I'd like to think of it as my dashing good looks and sparkling personality.  Anyway, this segment will give us an opportunity to share some of the treats we enjoy.  Even though Mom's picky, she realizes not everything can be perfectly healthy and well balanced and sometimes things just need to be fun.

This is what's on the table for our very first edition:

Wingalings are a grain free, gluten free Merrick product with a decent ingredient list (so says Mom).  They contain chicken, sweet potatoes, peas, brown sugar, carrots, bacon, and apples.  (They had me at bacon!!).  It's a tough job but somepup has to do it.  Here we go:

"TWO PAWS UP FROM ME MOM!  How about a second taste test, just to be sure?"

So there you have it!  It appears as though our first Fast Food Friday was a success.  Until next time.....

                                                                Your Friend, 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Siberian Husky Manual

This morning the boys were very cooperative in demonstrating how to not be cooperative. Most Siberian Husky owners will tell you, there's a Siberian Husky Manual that all Huskies take very seriously.  Here we have Shanuk and Melee demonstrating one of the classic rules listed in the manual.  

Stay tuned for upcoming tutorials on "How To Be A Siberian Husky".

Thursday, April 21, 2016

How Does Your Garden Grow?

It sure is spring!  We know because Mom is sneezing....and sneezing....and snorting....and wheezing.  Anyway, we're bringing you a public service announcement regarding your spring plantings.  
Did you know that many popular spring garden selections can be harmful to us?  Mom has mentioned that some dogs don't bother with her flowers.  You can see Echo here.......

....who never ate the flowers.  There was one incident where he was suspected of transplanting the flowers but we think he was just trying to show her there was a better place for them.  He didn't eat them which was a very good thing.  However, some dogs..........

...who shall remain nameless....struggle to stay out of trouble and will eat just about anything.  In an effort to keep these dogs safe we share this site which categorizes many common spring garden selections.  You can even print the list and take it to your garden store to help you choose.

Happy planting!  

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sweet Dreams!

Sleep well Shyla!  We've got some exciting things coming up that you're not going to want to miss!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Siberian Gourmets

Since Mom had a lot of paperwork to do today, she decided to bake us a treat.  Ummm - not quite sure how paperwork and baking are related but it works for us!  Naturally, we needed to help since we're working dogs and all that.  Baking wasn't on our agenda for this morning but we had a clue when we saw this:


Oh yeah!  We know what THAT means!  We immediately stepped up to help her out.

"With age comes wisdom!"

"I'm here for ya Mom!"

Before long we could smell those amazing cookies.  It was hard to ignore.

One of us wasn't as patient as the rest:

"Excuse me but are you ready for quality control yet?"

FINALLY - they were done!  We have to admit, Mom did pretty well.  The moment was
finally here.  Taste testing is the best part.  They passed with flying colors!  

You may have noticed that one of us was missing.  It's not typical for Shanuk to pass on a kitchen project. The timing was a little off apparently.  He decided his morning nap was a priority and opted to supervise from afar.  The aroma interrupted that morning siesta, however.

"I'm awake now.  Could you just bring one here please?"

 It really was a simple, quick recipe so we encourage you to share this with your resident chef:

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Siberian Power Boosting

Shanuk heard naps are very beneficial.

They decrease stress
They lead to clearer thinking
They improve memory
They increase alertness
They enhance creativity

'Cause he needs all of that!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Under The Big Top

Someone once said Siberian Huskies are the clowns of the canine world.  
That would mean I live in a circus.

Perhaps they are correct!  

Monday, April 4, 2016

What's on our menu?

I am frequently asked, "What do you feed your dogs?".  I'm always impressed that anyone would be interested.  I suspect it's because they know that due to my past history, I've invested a significant amount of time and effort into choosing the foods our dogs eat.  Those of you who knew Echo were aware that he developed an inability to digest most proteins.  We battled his condition for over two years but in the end, we lost the war.  His condition developed almost overnight and although I have my theories (another blog post for another day), we were never really able to find out exactly what went wrong despite numerous tests.  His condition and the chance that we could extend his quality of life for as long as possible forced me to learn what was in every morsel of food that landed in his dish.  I immediately discovered that all dog foods are NOT created equal despite price or manufacturer.  Brands that were historically thought to be healthy had quietly changed their formulations over time.  It was alarmingly complicated and so important to learn how to decode an ingredient label.  Armed with information obtained from numerous visits to our local pet food specialty store, various published articles, conversations with premium specialty dog food reps, and accounts from other dog owners who were dealing with similar sudden issues, I was eventually able to understand how it all worked.  Many pet owners who know me will tell you I'm constantly reminding them to learn how to decipher their pet food ingredient labels.  It makes a huge difference in your pet's life.  I also watch recalls carefully and it's often a deal breaker for me.  There are many however, my policy is to keep it all in perspective.  I consider how many recalls a company has had and for what reasons.  Some recalls are far more serious than others.  A salmonella outbreak is in a different category than a manufacturer being caught importing substandard ingredients from other countries in an effort to save money.  So with that said we are currently feeding Solid Gold Sunday Sunrise  kibble for all three of our dogs.

This might be supplemented with fresh fruit (bananas and blueberries are favorites), hard boiled egg, scrambled eggs, green beans, carrots, or pureed pumpkin.  We also add a probiotic at dinner time.  Solid Gold products are excellent however there are other less expensive dog food products that are just as good and might also be found in our pantry.  The 4Health line (available at Tractor Supply Stores) is an excellent choice at a price point that's hard to beat.  Along with kibble, it has become necessary to supplement Shyla's meals with canned food.  Due to the numerous medications she is on it's critical that she eat every meal.  Her appetite isn't always there and we've found that she's less likely to refuse a meal if it's mixed with canned food.  We're not quite as fussy about the canned foods since we're only adding a couple spoonfuls per feeding.  To keep it interesting we vary the options.  Our go-to choices are Merrick, Canidae Pure, Wellness, and 4Health.

Our choices may not be suitable for everyone but it's working for us.  I hope this post has inspired everyone to READ YOUR LABEL!  Learn what you should see and what you shouldn't.  Research possible better options.  With a higher quality food you often feed less which would add to the value.  Look for frequent buyer programs and register on the manufacturer's websites.  They'll often send you money saving coupons.  I'm also a fan of raw diets however they're not for everyone.  Done properly they require significant research, prep time, and planning.  It's a great way to keep your pet healthy while avoiding many of the additives found in manufactured foods.

Check out the sites below to  help make your quest for information a bit easier.
Bon Appetit!

Helpful sites:

Dog Food Advisor - A great resource that compares numerous pet foods

The Dog Food Project - learn how to read the label

FDA - The FDA's protocol regarding pet foods