Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Siberian Gourmets

Since Mom had a lot of paperwork to do today, she decided to bake us a treat.  Ummm - not quite sure how paperwork and baking are related but it works for us!  Naturally, we needed to help since we're working dogs and all that.  Baking wasn't on our agenda for this morning but we had a clue when we saw this:


Oh yeah!  We know what THAT means!  We immediately stepped up to help her out.

"With age comes wisdom!"

"I'm here for ya Mom!"

Before long we could smell those amazing cookies.  It was hard to ignore.

One of us wasn't as patient as the rest:

"Excuse me but are you ready for quality control yet?"

FINALLY - they were done!  We have to admit, Mom did pretty well.  The moment was
finally here.  Taste testing is the best part.  They passed with flying colors!  

You may have noticed that one of us was missing.  It's not typical for Shanuk to pass on a kitchen project. The timing was a little off apparently.  He decided his morning nap was a priority and opted to supervise from afar.  The aroma interrupted that morning siesta, however.

"I'm awake now.  Could you just bring one here please?"

 It really was a simple, quick recipe so we encourage you to share this with your resident chef:


One Little Birdie said...

Genny says that I need to make these

The Army of Four said...

I really think our mom needs to make these, too. Really.

Mitch and Molly said...

You had us drooling from the first picture! yummmmmm