Thursday, June 23, 2016

Working dogs

Good morning -

Since living with multiple Siberian Huskies isn't what most would perceive as "normal" (HA!  Far from it actually!), we are often asked many questions from intrigued onlookers.  There are many rumors and preconceived notions about this breed.  You've all heard them - "Is that a WOLF DOG?!", "I know they're great guard dogs!", "They only eat raw meat right?".....the list goes on and on.  Despite the urban legends, those of us that are familiar with the breed know how ridiculous most of them are.  Anyone who reads this blog or others that are dedicated to sharing life with a Siberian knows these class clowns are far from guard dog material!  No two are alike and each have strong personality traits unique to them.  Perhaps that's one of the things that sets them apart from other breeds.  Aside from the basic breed traits that are found in their DNA, you never quite know what you might get!  

Today we have an example of their working dog mentality.  They do best when they're contributing to the task at hand and usually insist on being part of things with their pack members whether canine or human.  I give you Shanuk, who's demonstrating one of the more typical Siberian qualities - helping.  

That will conclude today's tutorial on Siberian work ethics.  We hope you enjoyed our presentation!  

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