Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Siberian Summer Survival Skills

Good morning -

We're often asked "Don't your dogs hate the heat?".  Siberians are a very adaptable breed.  Their double coat not only serves to keep them warm in frigid temperatures, it also acts as an insulator to prevent overheating in the summer months.  That's why we always warn to NEVER, EVER shave a double coated dog!  

Melee volunteered to demonstrate one of the classic ways Siberians cope with the warmer summer temperatures:

The secret weapon:

Yet another fine example of Siberian resiliency!  


Molly and Mackie said...

We are not huge fans of summer because it's too HOT! Dad and mom just installed two new paddle fans in our family room. yippeeeeeeeee!

Casey said...

I think you actually do better in the heat than we boxers. Our thin furs don't insulate well, and short-snouted dogs can't breathe as well in the heat. But I loooooove air conditioning!

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