Sunday, March 13, 2016

Treat Me Right bunnies!

Hi Friends -

Occasionally we'll be sharing some of our favorite things.  This is something Echo used to do and we'd like to continue that feature.  It would mean we'll have to dig our paws in and work hard to test for quality control and all that.  But for our friends, we'll make that sacrifice.  Look at what we worked on today:


I know what you're thinking!  That doesn't look like work to you does it?  You're looking at some of our most favorite treats. They're from our friends at Treat Me Right.  They have a fun website as well as a Facebook page.  This organization makes organic, all natural, human grade dog treats for the purpose of donating a portion of the proceeds to animal welfare and rescue groups.  A new featured group is chosen every two weeks.  How cool is that?!  These delicious bunny bites are made from peanut butter and honey.  The "bites" contain carrots, honey, cinnamon, and ginger.  YUM!  (**it should be noted that no real fuzzy bunnies were harmed for these treats).  Here I am working hard for this blog post this morning:

I am here to tell you - they get two paws up from me!  Once again the folks at Treat Me it right.  Their fun treats change frequently and many are seasonal.  Mom says they're almost too cute to eat but we set her straight on that pretty quickly.

So - if you'd like to help out a deserving animal welfare group or rescue, hop on over to Treat Me Right and order a box of treats.  They'll arrive promptly and are well packaged.  See:

They even come with your name on the box so there's no mistaking who they're for.  You can also order some of the treats designating them to be shipped to the featured animal group.  We love that!

I hope you enjoyed today's review.  We don't receive any compensation for our Siberian opinions so you'll always get the honest-to-dog truth. Be sure to try them out and see for yourself!

                                                                                         Love - SHANUK


The Army of Four said...

How cool! We'll have to see if our mom will order some for us! Thanks for the heads up!
Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

Mitch and Molly said...

Those cookies sure do look good and they're so pretty! We're off to check out their website.