Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Road Trip Recovery

Hello friends -

You may have noticed we've been off the grid for a few days.  Road trips are occasionally necessary and sadly, the pack can't accompany us.  This is rarely something they understand and in true Siberian style, they usually let us know exactly how they feel about it.  As resilient as they are, when we pass the initial euphoric reunion we prepare for retribution. That's okay though.  We're just as happy to see them as they are us.  Just don't tell them.  We'll get a brief reprieve today as they catch up on their sleep.  We'll enjoy the peace while we can. 


Casey said...

I always miss my momma lots when I can't travel with her, BUT I have dog sitters who are REALLY free with the treats. You might try that, BOL!

The Army of Four said...

And yet, even when you're exhausted, you're still all doing cute poses! Such wonderful Siberians!