Sunday, January 6, 2008

Meeka's Happy Day

Hi Everybuddy -

It's a great day! I am pleased to report that Dad phoned home and the big mystery is over...........Meeka knows where Dad is. First things first however. We'd like to let the AO4 know that their very delicious Egg Nog Cake came through just fine and oh is it good! It really cheered Meeka up. The wait was a bit of a challenge but it finally came through (we think the almonds may have delayed it's arrival).

"Do you see the Egg Noggin Cake yet?"

"Ohhh.....that's so good!"


As you can see, we enjoyed it so much. It was so thoughtful of our buddies to think of Meeka. Mom has really been feeling sorry for Meeka too and has let him sleep with her......on Dad's side of the bed. We have to say that he's really gotten used to that. Take a look at what we found outside this morning:

Uh oh. Looks like our Meeka is liking Dad's side of the bed a bit too much! That might be a problem now that we know Dad's coming back soon. And that brings us to our big news! Meeka got a phone call. Take a look:

"Dad! It's YOU! WOOOO!"

"You're with Murphy in North Carolina?"

We know where Dad is! Do you remember this post about our Grandmom and how nice it was for her to embroider our names on our stockings? That's where he is........Dad and our boy went to North Carolina to visit Grandmom and Grandpop! Now it all makes sense. The treats were for Murphy, a cute little guy that they adopted from a rescue a couple years ago. Isn't he adorable?

Dad reports that Murphy loves the treats our girl made for him and he also enjoyed the Merrick Turducken that Dad took to him. Unfortunately Dad forgot to pack his USB cable so we'll have to wait for the pictures. We'll post them when he gets home tomorrow.

We're so relieved now that we know where Dad is. We don't mind sharing him for a few days. Thank you to all of our blogger buddies who were concerned and were sending good Vibes to Meeka. Things are back to normal once again!

OH - don't forget to check out Trooper Echo on the sidebar to the right. A big Thank Woo to Opy's Dad for helping me get my helmet on!


Koda said...

I'm glad you found your dad and got to talk to him. I bet he can't wait to get back, I know our mom can't stand to be away from us.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Whew!! Glad you figured out where you dad went. You know, we are getting pretty used to sleeping on Dad's side of the bed too and he's coming up here permanently in 2 days. You gave us an idea. Maybe he would just like to sleep in our crate!

Steve and Kat

Holly said...

I'm glad your dad finally called Meeka! And, that he is now in a better mood. What a lucky boy to sleep in his dad's spot! But, what about you?


Lorenza said...

Hi, Echo!
Sure Meeka is again a happy boy! Glad he had the chance to talk to him!
Looks like that cake was yummy!
Have a good night

sharkgila said...

Ha-woo, you got to talk to Dad, Meeka! I hope it made you day. Plus sleeping in Dad's place will definitely help, eh.


Lady Kaos said...

That's great news!! The AO4 is so thoughtful to send you guys a treat. Now if only I could figure out my mystery about next weekend. It better be worth it. I'll post why in a little bit.

Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

1st thing 1st we're so happy you now know where your daddy is and you got to talk but looky you know he's gonna bring you back some surprises right?!

next oooooh that looook sooooo yuuummmy.

Love Licks & waggin TX tails

The Army of Four said...

I'm SO glad Meeka got to talk to your dad and that you know where he went, Echo!!! Woo, that would have been scary!
I love the bed, too. Mom says I'm a "bed hog" - I wonder what that means? I have plenty of room!
Zim wondered if the almonds would cause problems in sending you the cake! Glad it finally got there!
Safe travels to your dad!