Saturday, October 6, 2007

Home Again Microchips

We would like to encourage everyone that uses Home Again for their pet's microchip to check your online information . When Mom logged on to check our account, she discovered that there were numerous errors including incorrect phone numbers, Meeka was listed under both his ID number and mine, and our breed was incorrect. If this is the contact information Home Again had intended to use, Mom might not have been contacted in the event we were missing and were located in a shelter if somehow we had lost our collars and tags. This is a good example of why our owners need to have ID tags on us rather than relying on just the microchips. We were hoping it was an isolated case but we are now learning that we are not the only ones finding inaccurate contact information on our accounts. We did not initially enter the information into the was information provided on the form we were given to mail or fax to Home Again after we were chipped. For peace of mind, please log on to your accounts and verify that all of your contact information was entered correctly. You can also upload a photo of us on each account for identification. To log on you'll need your microchip number.


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Thanks. We will check.


Holly said...

Uh oh! We better go check ours out too! Thanks for the heads up!


Kapp pack said...

Yes, good thing for humans to do for their doggies. We had problems with ours today and fixed thanks to an email from your Mom. Thanks for helping us to be safe!

Sky and Canyon