Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Quest For The Giant Bunny

Hi Everybuddy -

Yesterday I mentioned that Dad came upon a giant bunny......larger than our sofa he claims! Now you have to admit, that's one hefty rabbit. I've never caught a bunny (I don't know why but Mom seems gloriously grateful for that) but I've heard that it's a pretty big deal. My friend Lucy is always very pleased with herself when she bags a bunny. I told Meeka and Shyla about Dad's giant bunny sighting and we decided to go outside and see what we could sniff. Here we are on sniff patrol:

"Do you smell anything large??"

Unfortunately we came up empty pawed. We couldn't smell anything large or bunny-like. The only thing left was to ask Dad where he found the giant bunny:

"Dad....please tell us where! Where is the giant bunny?!"

You just won't believe where he saw it! Right in the middle of town. He was even lucky enough to get a picture of it. Wanna see? it is:

It's a Volkswagen Rabbit. Our Dad the comedian. He got us this time!


Peanut said...

oh haa roo that is to funny

Marley said...

ha roo roo - your Dad is pretty funny. something tells me your humans don't want you chasing THAT rabbit even more than the usual bunnies!!


The Army of Four said...

Hee hee hee! Oh, I like that one a LOT! Hee hee hee! You have the bestest dad - that's so FUNNY!!!!!!!
PS: I LOVE the pictures of you guys!!!

Guinness & Shiloh's Mommy said...

Your daddy is such a big tease. Hey, we had REAL bunny for dinner tonight. Shiloh didn't like his, but Guinness & Misty luved theirs! Wanna come over and share wiff us????

Your pictures are so awesome - it really looks like what your saying!

PiratesGrrl said...

Your Dad is hilarious!!! We love your pics you mind if we add you to our Pals list?

Thrawn & The Brat Pack

MaPaw said...

Oh, that is too bad.

Kapp pack said...

Your daddy is too silly! How could he tease you like that? Did the big bunny squeak???

-Kelsey Ann

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

ha rooroo roo ha roo hahaha roooo! That was a good joke!

Lee :) said...

Now that might be a rabbit that you'd have a hard time keeping up with. :)