Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Website Wednesday

Hi everybuddy! I've decided to make Wednesday, Website Wednesday. Every Wednesday I'll share a cool website with everyone. Can you guess what today's is?

One of my Mom's favorite places is the Lakota Wolf Preserve ( in Columbia, New Jersey. It's not a real large preserve but they three different types of wolves there.......the Artctic, the Tundra, and the Timber. The wolves are kept safe in large fenced areas in natural surroundings, with plenty of space to run and play.

They have scheduled daily talks from the caretakers who know each wolf individually.

If you're within driving distance, Lakota is a wonderful place to go to appreciate the beauty of these wonderful animals. Mom says it's definately worth the trip!


teamhusky said...

Hi Echo, just wanted to say a big thank woo for posting today's blog about the wolves.....we love wolves & thought some of the photos on their website were GORGEOUS. Prince & Summer

la Bisbetica said...

Hi, Echo. Shiloh here. Wow, those guys look awesome! I wish we could play with them, but mom says their too tough for us. I was "in the wild" for a while, so I could take em!

The Army of Four said...

Cool idea, Echo! We like Website Wednesday - AND the site you posted!
Ha roo!
Play bows,