Saturday, April 21, 2007

Echo's World

My name is Echo. Well, that's not my real name but you'll find out about that later. I am a 3 year old Siberian Husky and I was adopted from MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue ( Here's how it all started.....

Many years ago my Mom and Dad adopted a Lab/Husky puppy. His name was Merlin. He grew and grew and he finally stopped when he weighed about 95 pounds. Mom said he was a "handful". I'd say so if he was that big! I don't know how he even fit in her hand! He didn't have a very good start in life and wasn't real socialized. They worked hard with him and eventually he came around but never really liked other people. But he loved them and they loved him even more so they kept him. When Merlin was 8 he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. They were told to take him home and love him which they did. He lived for another year when they realized it was time to say goodbye. Mom said she cried so many tears that there weren't any left and when he went to the Bridge he took a piece of her heart with him. Dad said it was the worst day of his life when he had to say goodbye. They were all very sad. They realized that they simply couldn't live without the joy of a dog in their lives so off to the SPCA they went. They came home with Shadow - a bewootiful Black Lab/Whippet mix. They loved her very much but something was missing. Could it be that they, like many others who have endured the Husky personality, were missing all of those strong personality traits that only a Husky or Husky mix has? They did some research and found MaPaw. They filled out an application and were soon introduced to (cue trumpet fanfare) Meeka! It took three visits before Shadow realized that Meeka wasn't going to eat her. He just wanted to play. She finally gave in and let him stay. They quickly became friends and all was well in the household. In the midst of this happy harmony, Mom and Dad became volunteers with MaPaw. One day they were notified of a huge rescue in NJ that involved all of the area Husky rescues. Among several others, a very pregnant female Husky was brought into MaPaw's loving arms. Her name is/was Sissy.....and that's my Mom! On July 24, 2003 my 4 sisters and I were born. 5 bouncing baby Siberians!

My Mom met me when I was only 2 days old. She couldn't resist my cuteness and within 10 minutes realized I was meant to be a member of their family. The next time they visited me they came with some very important news. I had a name and it was a BIG name for such a little guy. I became Merlin's Echo. I knew I had big paws to fill. Lucky for me, Mom says I'm doing a very good job. Shadow said she was moving out when she saw me come through the door but I promised not to tug her tail too hard so she stayed. Little did she know, a few years after that we would have another addition to our pack (Mom is calling it a small herd). Mom and Dad went to pick up a dog who needed to come into MaPaw. Dad took one look at this beauty and that was it. He failed Transport 101 and then failed Fostering. Shyla is now living with us. We're teaching her how great it is to have 2 big brothers. So that's the story of how we came to be.


Khady Lynn said...

What a wonderful story! Welcome to blogging Echo! Our mom calls the 5 of us a herd too. Especially when we all try to run out the doggie door all at once!


The Daily Echo said...

That's funny Holly. We do that when Mom opens the door to the backyard.

tula monstah said...

hey echo echo echo-- (hehehehe)
khyra sent us ovah to wish woo a furry happy bday!

lots of scratchies,

AFSS said...

Happy Birthday Echo and what a lovely gotcha story. Khyra showed us the way over here.

Donna said...

U has a cute! :)